A good quality night's sleep is very important for our health. If your ordinary pillow isn't working for you, or you are pregnant and need extra support, a specialist pillow may be worth trying.

Peace Pillow

We stock Peace Pillows, which are memory foam pillows that are specially designed by an osteopath that may help if you are waking with neck stiffness or head pain. A standard pillow costs $99. If you would like more information or would like to trial a pillow just ring Di or Karen at the clinic and they will organise it for you.


If you are currently suffering from low back pain, hip or leg pain while you are sleeping then this pillow could be for you especially if you are pregnant. The Mumanu pillow is a self-inflating pillow that takes the pressure off your legs and hips while sleeping. We’ve tried it out and it gets our stamp of approval. The retail price for this pillow is $89.99.