Our bodies have incredible regenerative abilities that osteopathic treatment can facilitate. However, if we are lacking critical nutrients our ability to heal can be impaired. Having a great diet is the most important consideration, however there are times when we need extra support to help prevent illness and make recovery faster.

Practitioner-only products

Most of the dietary supplements we stock are only available from practitioners, so you will need to be patients at the clinic and have them recommended by us to purchase them. We have a research-based approach to supplementation, and Rebecca is currently conducting doctoral research into micronutrients.


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Advice on key nutrients

Below are some articles we provide about certain nutrients that we consider to be important to a great many people. However, we also supply a wide range of products beyond these including fish oils and probiotics.

Vitamin D

Many New Zealanders are deficient in vitamin D, which is vital to many processes in the body. This is especially true in winter, when vitamin D from sunlight is in short supply.


Recently excellent evidence has emerged that zinc is very beneficial to the function of the immune system, and protection against disease.


Magnesium is beneficial for a range of conditions including behavioural issues, fatigue, headaches and muscular tension.

Targeted nutrition

Not all supplements are created equal, and you need the right nutrient at the right time. A female patient presented to the clinic with muscle pain, a hormone imbalance and low energy levels. To complement her osteopathic treatment we recommended targeted supplementation to address these issues and our patient now reports having more energy and a marked improvement in her general wellbeing.