When looking for an expert practitioner, recommendations from patients count for a lot. Here are some recommendations from people who have visited our practice over the years.

Helping with behavioural issues

"Rebecca has been helping my son since late last year, recommended by a friend. He has behavioural problems, ADHD and he gets very angry. It has been a long and hard road but with the help from Rebecca and Ryan, after treatment Makani is more relaxed and happy and it feels great like he's not about to jump out of his skin! I have tried everything and this is what works for us and when it works stick with it. I like it that Rebecca really listens to us and works with us to find a solution. Thanks Rebecca!"

~ Emma

Overcoming menopause symptoms

"I always say Cranial Osteopathy saved my sanity. After many years from suffering from severe menopause symptoms, i.e. hot flushes, migraines, skin rash, depression, disturbed sleep patterns, I discovered Health Within. I had been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for about 10 years. Although in that period I had on many occasions tried to withdraw from the medication, on every attempt my symptoms worsened and I had to resume taking HRT. With regular osteopathic treatment I was able over a period of months to come completely off the tablets. I have in the last couple of years been able to space my treatments out and now can sense in my body when it's time for a visit."

~ From "a very grateful patient"

Comprehensive care

"Health Within and osteopathy are a very important part of my ongoing wellbeing. Having had whiplash, concussion and depression, the 'hands on' healing has transformed my health. Osteopathy turns on the body's responses to repair and maintain itself and I often have a treatment before opening nights - this helps with nerves, tension and particularly with mental clarity and acuity. Rebecca is a gifted healer and offers an invaluable service. Having used physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture - nothing works so comprehensively for me as Osteo. I heartily recommend both her and the practice."

~ Peter Elliott

Treating reflux

"In September 2009, after the birth of my daughter, I booked an urgent appointment with Rebecca from Health Within Osteopathy. My daughter had reflux and the screaming was constant throughout the day and night. Feeding was difficult and followed an erratic pattern. Baby and I were exhausted. I never would have believed the speed at which such a gentle treatment could take effect. Rebecca craddled my daughter's head in her hands, then she held baby's back and tummy. To my untrained eye it looked like nothing much was happening. The telling moment came in the waiting room afterwards when my baby was due her next feed. For the first time she took an entire feed without pulling off to scream every few sucks. I was astounded to say the least. That afternoon she smiled at my husband and I for the first time. He said "It's like she's a different baby." I wore a grin that night as she slept for three hours at a time! Then, as Rebecca had explained, gradually over the week she regressed to screaming again though not as bad as before. The second appointment put her back on track and the regression was less again. By the fourth appointment she was no longer regressing, instead I now had a contented baby. Thank you Health Within Osteopathy. You not only fixed my daughter's reflux but also my son's colic and my own bulging disc in my lower back which had my legs collapsing if I dared sneeze, cough or walk."

~ Sharlene Bodle

Working at a deep level

"I have been going regularly to Health Within Osteopathy for about 7 - 8 years. As an actor, director and mother I have found cranial osteopathy an invaluable part of my life – both for acute problems (injuries, chronic sinus and treatment for scoliosis) but also as a regular ‘tune–up’ every few months to counter the tensions and stresses that build up for a working mother. I have found Vikasini, Ingeborg, and the other practitioners at the practice work at a very deep level yet so gently. I always come away feeling deeply relaxed, much more aligned and with pain greatly relieved. Cranial osteopathy has alleviated our family’s propensity for migraines and in the words of my young son 'that’s the closest thing to magic I’ve ever felt."

~ Michelle Hine

For asthma

"I am an asthmatic and like many of us react to a range of allergens. Particular strong triggers for me are animal fur and dust mites. After prolonged contact with either I get extremely wheezy and have severe trouble breathing. These symptoms continue even if the allergen is no longer there and often last for several days. I use osteopathy as part of my overall allergy and asthma management and have found it beneficial, both in acute situation (where a treatment would restore my breathing in a significantly shorter time frame) as well as a preventative measure – where ongoing treatment reduces the intensity of the attack."

~ Angie Baur

Recovering from trauma

"After an accident earlier this year and suffering from severe neck pain and daily headaches, Health Within Osteopathy was recommended to me as a gentler alternative to physiotherapy. My first visit was a step into the unknown as I had never had therapy of any kind before. As Ingeborg worked her magic and discovered a displaced rib, and found the cause of the neck pain and constant headaches, she then went about treating me with her gentle healing hands and also offered great advice. It took only 3 sessions for me to notice a difference, especially in my neck. There is no bone crunching or anything like that, just very gentle manipulation and support. I was taught how to do breathing exercises, how to sit at the PC and more importantly, how long to sit at the PC before doing some stretches. The most important part of all is, the neck pain and headaches have gone and I have no more pain. The consult rooms are at the rear of the building and is very peaceful and so quiet all you can hear is the birds singing. After the session I feel so relaxed and pain free. I have an overall feeling of wellbeing and over a period of time my mood has gone from really low to my usual happy confident self. I don’t know where I would have been without Health Within Osteopathy. The staff are helpful and friendly, the low cost is worth every cent - ACC paid for half of mine - and I would recommend Health Within for anyone with anything from severe pain to depression."

~ Michelle

For the whole family

"I am writing to thank all at Health Within for the great work they have done for our family. It all started 4 years ago when Mia was 3yrs old, suffering from ear infections. She was booked in for grommets and at the last minute I cancelled the operation. I was referred to Matt, at the time, by a good friend of mine. After 3 sessions, Mia was sorted and has never had any problems. Amber started going to Matt at Health Within when she was 8 months old and still goes for her asthma and any other problems. I go every few months for my lower back, which has been great. Recently I went to see Ryan for inflamed lower back muscles. I was in agony for 3 days and then went to see Ryan. The next day and from then on, I was pain free……magic. What a relief. Even my husband went for a few treatments for his back and was very impressed. I highly recommend the kind and experienced people at Health Within."

~ Marlene Jackson

Dealing with pain at the source

"Cranial osteopathy has been a lifesaver. With treatment from Health Within I have regained my quality of life. After the birth of my son nearly six years ago, I experienced crippling TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder: it hurt to eat, open my mouth, talk. Life loses its shine when you are in pain constantly – day and night. I consulted my GP who could only offer muscle relaxants or surgery. Not really suitable for a new mother and too radical for anyone to contemplate without further consultations. I took the NSAIDs (Nurofen) and Panadol constantly just so I could eat something. Let me say here that I have a BSc (HONS) in biology. I have always been very clinical and scientific in my approach to everything in life. I just do not understand how the treatment works. However, I will try anything that does not harm. Thank goodness I found Health Within. My osteopathy sessions were so relaxing. The receptionist kept an eye on my son while I had treatment, which gave me that 30 minute treatment all to myself (like a day at the spa!). Treatment from the osteopath was always gentle and relaxing. My scientific mind does not comprehend how it works but within a few weeks I no longer needed my Nurofen or Panadol. A few weeks later, I could eat the occasional crunchy food. The sessions soon became very occasional to relieve any soreness. I still come in now and then for a “top-up” treatment if things in my jaw are tensing up again. Other issues have cropped up over the years, hormone changes being the big one for me (I’m nearly 40 now). Health Within have been actively working with me to improve my hormone levels. Recently, I have found a supplement (Vitamin B supplement) that has renewed my energy. I am so grateful to be living with no pain in my jaw – without drugs, without surgery – and now with improved vigor and joy. Thank you, Rebecca, Raewyn, and the rest of the team."

~ Robyn Moore

Recommended for pregnancy

"At about 15 weeks of pregnancy, I started to get awful back pain and aching in my pelvic joints. While this is common later on, I ended up with what my OB called the worst case of pelvic arthropathy he’d seen in a long time. This slowly got worse over the course of the pregnancy and included pubic symphysis pain. I had to give up antenatal yoga and walking and could occasionally swim when the pain wasn’t too bad. Work and home life were difficult as I had to avoid stairs and lifting and couldn’t sit or lie down for long periods without pain. By my third trimester I was on crutches and unable to sleep more than an hour and a half at a time (as I refused to take drugs). I slept with a myriad of pillows to stop my hips aching and had to wake my poor husband to roll me over and get me out of bed to go to the toilet as the pain was excruciating if it tried on my own. The lowest point came one night when he got me up but I couldn’t actually move my legs and had to crawl on all fours to the bathroom. I saw three physiotherapists including specialists in pregnancy and an acupuncturist regularly from 20 weeks, which provided some relief. I have also continued to receive treatment for pelvic pain and immobility since my son was born 8 months ago including osteopathy for the last 6 weeks (thanks to the recommendation of my physiotherapist/acupuncturist). If I had known during my pregnancy that osteopathy could help, I would have started earlier. Rebecca has worked wonders on aligning my pelvis and I feel less pain and more mobile as time goes by. I would definitely recommend osteopathy to any pregnant woman who is having pelvic issues."

~ Irma