Zinc and infection

If this is your first time hearing about the benefits of zinc for fighting infection, you could be excused for thinking "not another cure for the common cold!"

Closing all the gaps in your defences

It's true that vitamin C has also been heralded as a supplement that can stave off the dreaded lurgy, and we do talk about your body's need for vitamin D elsewhere. In truth there is no magic bullet when it comes to fighting infection, but that doesn't mean these nutrients aren't important. Every one of them is needed for your immune system to function well, and if you're lacking in one it can create a gap in your natural defences. In developing countries, true micronutrient deficiency puts people at risk of life-threatening infections. We're lucky enough to live in a well-fed country, but it is still common for us to have less severe micronutrient insufficiencies that can increase our risk of cold, flu, chest infection, ear infection, and other diseases resulting from bacterial and viral invasion.

Proven benefits

You may have seen a news article about a study showing the benefits of zinc for the common cold. While "newspaper science" tends to exaggerate the importance of individual findings, this study was different. It added up the results of zinc supplementation in 1360 people across the best 15 studies available. The overall findings from these double-blinded placebo-controlled studies were clear. If you treat a cold with zinc within one day of symptoms appearing, it reduces the duration and halves the severity of symptoms. Zinc supplementation also reduces the number of colds you are likely to have.

That's a huge difference, and it aligns with our experiences of zinc supplementation. It also makes sense given that zinc is known to have anti-viral properties and to strengthen the mucous membranes and support antibody production.

Get tested

If you feel a cold coming on, or want to stop one before it starts, come in and discuss your supplementation options with us. We have a quick and easy test to determine if you're lacking in zinc, and even if not, there are other options we can offer to help give you the best fighting chance.

Zinc oral drops

We have zinc available in liquid and tablet form. Talk to our practitioners to find out if it's suitable for you to take.