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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an approach to primary healthcare that uses manual medicine to treat various diseases and injuries. It is a complementary practice alongside mainstream medicine, emphasizing principles of holistic healthcare that often receive insufficient attention during short medical appointments. The key principles of osteopathy can be summarized as follows:

Photo of woman being treated sitting on treatment table. The osteopath has her hands on the patients head and jaw.
Osteopath Westmere

The body has the ability to heal itself

This is what we mean by “Health Within”. The role of an osteopath is not just to alleviate symptoms but also to enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms to address the root causes of problems. By focusing on the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms, we reduce the likelihood of recurring issues.

The body is a unified whole

While medical science often views the body as a collection of separate parts, osteopathy recognizes the body as a single, integrated unit. All parts are interconnected, and changes to one part can impact the whole system.

The interconnection of body, mind and emotions

Osteopathy acknowledges that physical health, thoughts, and emotions are interconnected. Our practice aims to establish a balance and harmony between the body and mind, enabling individuals to manage life’s stresses while maintaining health.

Treating the whole person

Despite the implication of the term "osteo" suggesting a focus on bones, osteopathy is fundamentally about treating the entire body. This means that osteopaths address not only the skeletal system but also muscles, fluids, and other tissues to improve overall health and wellbeing. Patients often experience not only relief from their specific complaints but also enhancements in general wellness, energy levels, and sleep quality.

Our osteopathic practice at Health Within

At Health Within Osteopathy, we offer a comprehensive range of osteopathic techniques. While we are experts in cranial osteopathy we also offer structural osteopathy as well. This allows us to employ a variety of techniques, from gentle cranial adjustments to more direct structural manipulations, sometimes referred to as "cracking" techniques. Our unified approach ensures that we can tailor treatments to the specific needs and preferences of our patients, providing effective, individualised care.

We are dedicated to helping you discover the profound benefits of osteopathy. Whether you are seeking relief from acute symptoms or aiming for long-term health improvements, our team is here to support your journey to better health.