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Our team

Our practitioners are registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand, are ACC registered and have trained extensively in osteopathy.

Rebecca Walker M. Ost., PhD (Paediatrics)

Photo of Rebecca Walker

"Osteopathy provides a holistic treatment approach that is personalised to suit each individual's requirement for health and wellbeing. I feel privileged to work as an osteopath and be a part of this unique healing process."

Dr Rebecca Walker is a qualified osteopath and medical researcher. She has authored articles on glue ear, vitamin D, immune systems and the microbiome in children during her doctoral research. She also researched the effects of osteopathy on occupational overuse injuries in computer users.

With her love of osteopathy and passion for evidence-based research she loves the challenges that present to her practice and being able to provide a multidisciplinary treatment approach.

Rebecca has trained internationally both in Australia and the United States, and has studied with Jim Jealous and completed all 9 phases in the Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy.

Other interests include osteoarthritis, brain injuries/concussion, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances and general mental health. With her in-depth knowledge of nutritional medicine, exercise, microbiology, and the immune system she finds a interdisciplinary approach is best suited to many complex pain disorders.

Vikasini (Marianne Dixon) B.Sc. Ost.

Photo of Vikasini

Vikasini qualified in London in 1992. She has been working in Aotearoa NZ since 1994, joining Health Within Osteopathy in 2002. Vikasini chose to specialise in 'cranial' osteopathy while still a student because of its ability to bring about deep therapeutic changes to any condition; be it a sprained ankle, birth strains in mother or baby, post-surgical problems or the after-effects of a stroke, not to mention the all too common low back and neck problems.

Vikasini has attended many post-graduate courses over the years in Europe, Australia and here, furthering her skills, and particularly enjoying and growing from the direct experience of Dr. James Jealous’ Biodynamic approach.

Vikasini is a practising Buddhist and happily finds that osteopathy and Buddhist teachings are perfectly aligned and complementary! She enjoys treating all age groups and all conditions, and feels fortunate to work in a profession where the inherent intelligence of the patient's body so precisely determines the unfolding of the therapeutic process.

Kate Leighton B.Sc. (Hons) Ost.

Photo of Kate Leighton

Kate graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London in 1998. She began her osteopathic career in Cornwall, England including some time working as part of the medical team for the ASP World Surfing Tour (WCT) in the UK and France. Emigrating to NZ in 2000 Kate has worked in osteopathic clinics in Rotorua and Auckland.

Post graduate study in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, including all 9 phases in the biodynamic approach to treatment, has led to a special interest in treating fertility, pregnancy, babies and children. However, Kate loves the challenges the broad range of osteopathic patients bring her way.

Kate lives in Piha with her husband and two children. She enjoys getting out for walks in the bush, as well as surfing whenever she can.

Fartuma Mursal M. Ost.

Photo of Fartuma Mursal

Fartuma completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and a Master of Osteopathy degree in Auckland, New Zealand. She was drawn to osteopathy for its principles and emphasis on natural healing, believing in the body’s innate ability to restore balance and health when given the right conditions and interventions.

Fartuma has a particular interest in women’s health and children. She uses a variety of techniques including joint mobilisation, manipulation, stretching, and soft tissue massage techniques to relieve pain and restore the health of her patients. Fartuma is dedicated to treating each patient as an individual to achieve lasting results.

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys staying active and spending time with family and friends.