Welcome to Health Within Osteopathy

Health Within Osteopathy is a holistic healthcare clinic in Westmere, Auckland. We believe in treating the underlying cause of problems, and helping you back to good health through osteopathic care and lifestyle changes.

We use cranial osteopathy, which is gentle and safe for the whole family. Your health is important to us and we tailor our treatments to your needs.

Mother and baby

Read how osteopathy can help with fertility, pregnancy, preparation for labour, and after-birth recovery. Cranial osteopathy is the technique of choice for mother and baby, being a gentle way to correct strains and alignment problems.

Low back pain

Osteopaths are well equipped to deal with many forms of low back pain. Most cases only require a few treatments, however some chronic cases can be more challenging.

Headaches and migraines

Osteopaths treat many patients who suffer from head and neck pain and cranial osteopathy can work extremely well for many types of headaches.


Concussions may seem benign on the surface but can have concerning effects including headaches, neck pain, dizziness, anxiety, and fatigue.

Hand, elbow and shoulder pain

Pain in your shoulder, elbow, forearm or hand is commonly the result of repetitive tasks during sport or at work, or arises from falling accidents or excessive strain while lifting objects.

Dental work

Tooth pain and visits to the dentist can cause ear pain, headaches, sinus problems and jaw pain. It can be a good idea to get seen by your osteopath after dental work especially if you are experiencing discomfort.